Sorry.. Buko-Studios does not currently have any open vacancies.

-However, if you are an aspiring artist or developer with aptitude and potential, we would love to hear from you. -



The smiling green coco..

We are a family-run studio, creating digital content for pc and mobile games.

We have quite a range of work - we do some cartoon stuff, some anime graphics, retro pixel games, even fantasy illustrations and hardcore sci-fi gaming work.

We are also starting to create our own original games.

Much of our day to day is about delivery of game assets to our international clients, some of which are indie developers themselves..

We value extremely efficient workflow and focus while maintaining a cool head and minimizing stress.

This is what we work with our artists to achieve. Think of it as Buko ZEN.

Check out a selection of our portfolio in the Navbar above.


We offer competitive rates and strong incentives for strong talent and dedication.

We come from international AAA console games and feel we have a lot to bring to the Philippines games industry.

We hope to share our knowledge and experience with you.

We provide art direction, feedback and training to assist you to make the most out of your time.

We favour people that will help us to grow our studio culture. Fun, vibrant, focused yet enjoyable.

We make games! When people enjoy the making, it shows through in the final product.


We have a dedicated studio space, yet we also operate as a virtual office.

Communication skills via chat, talk and email are essential.

You will be working with our Art Director (Kevin) and our Project Manager (Cherry), as well as becoming a part of our team of other developers.

The right artist for us wakes up in the morning eager to get stuck in and knows the value of being well rested.

 (The use of large doses of caffeine is acceptable, provided it tastes good!)

Candidates must be open to adjusting their workflow through our guidance.

If you are passionate about your art and career and never ceasing to improve we would like to hear from you.

Please have a portfolio of work that demonstrates your best work, but also feel free to include work in varying stages of development.


General Requirements

Initially we are looking for work from home contractors for a minimum of 3-6 months.

This means you should already have a workstation and hardware enabling you to work from home.

We are open to some flexibility with scheduling to accommodate any current freelance or commissioned commitments.

Our initial contracts can be seen as a probationary term with contract extension or full time employment available for those with strong prospects for career advancement.

Ideal applicants will already have a steady internet connection and be available during core hours 10:00-17:00) – except for lunch and breaks.

We will hold team meetings/training & peer review in the Bonifacio Global City area 3-6 times a month. So a little travel will be necessary.

We will discuss the specifics of the roles and project work with you prior to signing. We want to ensure you are completely comfortable with what is being asked of you and the level of work we will be requiring.

Only those who qualify will be contacted.

Please indicate salary expectations upon application.


How to apply:

Fill out the form below or send us an email to: with the following: link to website and online portfolio, cover letter and CV. (PDF attachments only*)

Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon.

We are always on the lookout for creative and talented people.



Pixel Artists

Digital Painters

Low Poly 3D Artists


Programmers (OOP, C++, ObjC, HTML5, UNREAL, Unity, Javascript) 


Interested parties should send a cover letter 

with a link to a CV and portfolio.

Apply Here: